Our History

The History of SIB Started in 1928 when three young men in the Bible college in Australia realized that God had called them to Borneo “a land without hope”. Little did they know that they would begin a journey of faith and transformation that would change lives not just in BEM (Borneo Evangelical Mission) but also in both Sarawak and Sabah. This movement of God later had a new name Sidang Injil Borneo. It took 50 years before SIB would come into significance
and the many sacrifices of the missionaries could be seen.

Disease and discouragement were part of their lives, but herein was sown the seeds of revival, transformation, prayer, perseverance and faith in a miraculous God. Whenever situations appeared hopeless the missionaries raised up prayer from their home base. The missionaries laid solid foundations for the early SIB
church. They focused on Bible teaching started the first “Bible school” and taught the natives to read. When the tribal people began to put their faith in Jesus transformation occurred. So great was the change that it affected every aspect of their lives until today.


(SIB) Sidang Injil Borneo 教会的开始是神的恩典。它在1928年由三位神学院学生Hudson Southwell, Carey Tolley 和 Frank Davidson 成立。早在神学院修读时这三位年轻人就被神感动,要到砂拉越这块鲜为人知的遥远之地,帮助当地土著改变他们的落后生活和错误的信仰。这以后,为了让新信主的族人打稳信仰根基,传教的工作开始教导阅读和书写。不久第一所神学院出现也开始了领袖训练;接着福音的翻译成就,使到多个部落拥有手抄本的“马可福音”。后来更有其中一个叫Tagals的族群把新约翻译出来!

宣恩会是宣告神恩典的教会。今天宣恩会不断在成长也出现了很多新领袖, 我们除了要感谢神的恩典也要感谢Hudson Southwell, Carey Tolley 和 Frank Davidson 这三位年轻宣教士。我们要谦卑合心携手迈进另一个20年,继续不断依靠神的力量带领更多神的儿女回到神的身边。感谢慈爱的圣父﹑圣子﹑圣灵三位一体的真神!感谢这恩典之路!