What will we see in the next decade and how will God direct us as we seek to obey him in this period ahead of us?

No one can know what the path ahead will be but we know that we will continue to trust God to help us see significant increases in our church’s growth (Proverbs 3:4-6).

God’s “Dunatos” (He is able) will help us move forward. We will face whatever trials and tribulations will come and we know that God will help us defend, preserve, overcome and deliver the right solutions to each difficulty that might surface.

I will that we will exercise courage and wisdom in each step that we take ahead and not be afraid to make a difference to a world that is lost and in need to help. We will take the fragrance of Christ and diffuse it to a world that needs this fragrance. We can only triumph when God is on our side! 宣恩会 SIBKLCC will leave behind this fragrance and its sweetness to many who will pass its portals (2 Cor 2:14).

It is my call to the Leaders and members of 宣恩会SIBKLCC to take on the big vision for the church. We are going to believe in a big vision because we are serving a big God. Where there is unity, there will be big steps forward and this unity should be the benchmark for what we will do to serve the Lord. The next 10 years will be far bigger, bolder and brighter than what has been achieved so far!

To God be the glory!

Pastor Inky Ong

未来展望 “神能”


有明显的增长。 (箴3:4-6)

神必会帮助我们勇往前进,因为‘神能’。无论前方将面临多艰难的考验, 我们依然深信神会帮

我们会以勇气和智慧来跨入前方的每一步。 我们要以基督的馨香来弥漫这世界 。当我们与神
的香气” (林后2:14)

因为我们服事的是一位伟大的神。 当我们一同合一的服事神,教会将会大步的卓越向前迈进